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Best french press made of ceramic coffee maker


Model No.: CPA600-03A
Product name: High-fired ceramic French press
Description: High-fired ceramic pot+304 SLS plunger+wooden lid+wooden handle
Size: D85*H171MM
Capacity: 600ml


This DHPO French press features a simple and classic design. It features a ceramic pot, wooden handle and stainless steel plunger. After use, you can take it apart and clean the beaker, filter and plunger with water by hand. It comes in four sizes, including 350ml, 600ml, 800ml and 1000ml for the whole Best french press collection. Plus, you can find it in half-a-dozen colors, including Black, Gray, Red, Yellow, Blue and Green. Some many color options for coffee lovers!

Perfect capacity— The most popular size for french presser is 600ml, suitable for brewing 3-4 cups of coffee, you could enjoy coffee with your friends and family. Not too big or too small, even you want to brew coffee only for yourself, it is ok.

High quality materials. This Best french press coffee maker comes with high-fired ceramic, which can withstand high emperature. Have you pay attention to the thickness of ceramic? It is much thicker than other brands’ french presser. Therefore, this coffee maker is made to outlast other coffee makers!

Well Built Coffee Press – The spout allows coffee to flow smoothly, without dripping onto your table. Matt effect finishing makes this french presser looks very elegent and easy to clean, no marks, not stains.

Additional information

Weight 1.35 kg
Dimensions 23.5 × 12.5 × 23.5 cm


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