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Airtight coffee canister set with spoon



Premium Coffee Storage. Made from rust and corrosion resistant premium 304 stainless steel with 3 different dize capacity. It can be used for storage for coffee brean, beans, tea leafs, ground coffee and so on. This Airtight coffee canister set is suitable for gift options for housewarming, birthday, wedding.

Airtight Seal Design. Storing coffee in a sealed container is one of the most impactful ways to extend the life of your coffee. Our airtight coffee canister is the perfect coffee storing solution. This coffee canister set features an airtight vacuum sealed container that prevents air exposure from ruining the natural oils and flavorful compounds of your precious beans. The quality of coffee beans affects the taste and flavor of coffee. So you only need to spend one time money and you can get a set of coffee bean storage tanks with different sizes.

Decent quality. We’ve made our coffee container for ground coffee using the highest quality material — 304 stainless steel. These coffee canister sets are matt black for apprance. The matt appearance looks very elegant, and it is not easy to stain and does not leave fingerprints.

Thoughtful design. There is a spoon attach to the canister, three different sizes as a set, and there are seven different colors, so you have many choices.


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