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Premium travel coffee set

Premium travel coffee set is the best gift option for car company!

We all know that coffee and tea are the most popular drinks in the world, so do you know that coffee and tea, when they collide with cars, will have any interesting stories?
If you ask coffee/tea lovers what they want most when they drive outdoors. They will tell you it would be nice to have a cup of coffee/hot tea! If you are a caring car company, then you should know what is the best gift for your valued guests?

The answer is, a premium travel coffee set!

So let’s see what’s in this set?

1. Luxury suitcase. In fact, many customers, when the saw this suitcase, asked DHPO a question: Can you customize a suitcase for our coffee wares? Sorry, this is special design for DHPO 😉 We are one of the few brands that make such a creative luxury suitcase coffee set. Other brands usually use a gift box or simple EVA case to pack the coffee kit. But we can make customized logo on the suitcase. So this premium travel coffee set is a good choice as car company gift!
2. A pour over coffee maker set contains a V60 dripper and a 600ml serving pot. (It comes with a stainless steel tea filter inside so it can be used as tea pot as well)
3. Two pcs of ceramic cups, widely used design for different occasions.
4. A gooseneck kettle with woodle handle, provides you a comfortable grib.
5. A coffee grinder with compact size 20g capacity. It features with 5 aixs conical burr.
6. A scale with timer and a metal coffee bean spoon.

If you are interested in purchasing high-end gift sets, then please contact us!

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