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pour over coffee

How to make pour over coffee stronger?

How to make coffee stronger? Today, coffee has became an important thing in our life. A small period time of enjoying coffee can help sustain energy during working hours. While sometimes, the coffee tastes weak, so how to make pour over coffee stronger?

And before that, you should know what factors affect the taste of coffee. According to some pros, affect the taste of coffee, coffee beans, water temperature, and coffee extraction are the main factors.

So in order to get a strong-flavored cup of coffee, you should use more coffee grounds. Change water to coffee ratio to make it tasted stronger, this is the simplist way. Secondly, use a finer coffee ground, so you can get rich coffee tastes. Thirdly, pat attention to water temperature. Usually, the cooler water can not extract the flavor of coffee.Finally, the speed of pouring hot water also can affect the taste of coffee. When pour slowly, the coffee can be fully extracted.

Remember the above factors, and get a set of high quality pour over coffee makers, you can control the taste and create a perfect cup of coffee! For example, DHPO ceramic high quality pour over coffee maker set.

Here are more features about this coffee set.

UNIQUE DESIGNED.This ceramic pour over coffee brewer in a ‘v’ shape on a 60 degree angle to give the optimum water flow through your coffee for maximum flavor and minimal sediment in the cup. This handmade ceramic will look beautiful in any home!

CAFE QUALITY FLAVOR.Use this ceramic pourover coffee brewer and produce high quality coffee in a matter of minutes. Some fresh ground coffee and a Size 02 filter paper are all you need. You can become the barista by brewing café quality coffee in your own home every single day!

PREMIUM CERAMIC. The ceramic dripper and serving pot are easy to clean, guaranteed not to scratch or fade. Ceramic is sturdy, chemically resistant and will not rust giving you a quality design which can keep using for many years.

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