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Perfect Christmas present

Perfect Christmas present—coffee wares you shouldn’t miss!

Finding the perfect Christmas present for a friend or family member can be a challenge, to say the least. That is, of course, unless that friend or family member is a caffeine fiend or a coffee aficionado. If that’s the case, then choosing from any one of the following coffee Christmas gifts on this list will be a breeze. Coffee-themed presents are also a super safe bet for the people in your life that you may not know as well. Need a gift for your boss or co-worker? They probably drink coffee. Don’t know what to get your mother-in-law or struggling with this year’s gift for your child’s teacher? It’s hard to go wrong with gifts themed around something as basic as coffee.

French press coffee maker. A French press is a small-batch coffee maker known for making strong, well-rounded java. Coffee aficionados love using this gentle brewing method that doesn’t scald the beans and allows for maximum flavor extraction. You can use coffee grinders, kitchen scales, and thermometers for a more specific brew, but making French press coffee is pretty straightforward: Add coffee grounds to the carafe with hot water, steep for about four minutes, strain and pour.

V60 dripper. The V60 is a simple to use coffee-making method that brings out the cleanest flavour from your coffee. The name V60 derives from the dripper’s design: the cone is V shaped and has a 60° angle. You could find many different V60 dripper coffee maker from DHPO.

Coffee mug. Using your favorite coffee mug to drink? Yes, for sure you will enjoy more fun for your coffee time!

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