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Peet's coffee holiday blend

Peet’s coffee holiday blend set with french press

The most anticipated coffee of the year—lush, silken, and sweet—drawn from the best crops of spring, summer, and fall. Brimming with body & blackcurrant, spice & seasonal cheer. A spirited blend, only available for a limited time. This Peet’s coffee holiday blend set with french press is highly recommended by Peet’s coffee Roastmaster Doug Welsh. And it is a very nice gift option for Christmas, right?

Peet's coffee holiday blend

However, Instead of the glass french press with small stainless steel frame in this Peet’s coffee holiday blend set, some coffee lovers more inclined to choose a glass French press pot with more stainless steel frames, it makes them feel more safe.  Designed by the iconic combination of stainless and glass, the DHPO french press with timer is perfect for this need.  The frame is made from 304 stainless steel, it comes with signature body shape and clean lines. A hourglass timer helps you enjoy coffee brewing without any disturbance from electronic devices. When brewing coffee by French press, 4 minutes is the best time for coffee extraction. This modern french press is design with a 4 minutes hourglass timer for calculating time, creating a cup of coffee with the perfect taste.

Peet's coffee holiday blend

In winter, you feel cold, but when you drink coffee, you feel warm. So for some coffee lovers, a strong-flavored and aromatic cup of coffee in the morning is essential.

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