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DHPO popular design one person pour-over coffee makers

A classic drip coffee maker is good, you can appreciate the quick convenience of a single-serve pod but it is better way for when a full pot is necessary. However, when you are alone, a pour-over is the best way to recreate the rich, robust, full-flavored coffee you get at home or office. Besides the soothing ritual involved with making pour-over coffee, the method is favored by professional and amateur baristas alike because a precise pour can extract the most flavor out of your beans into your cup.

Therefore, to help determine which pour-over maker you should add to your peosonal coffee-making routine, DHPO rounded up rated and reviewed models for you.

Coffee maker set for one for coffee lover

Our metal series V60 drippers comes with lightweight material that offer good thermal conductivity. There is a ceramic mug in this coffee maker set for one. It is BPA-free and more solid with large capacity, so it is easy-access wooden handle provides you a comforable grib.

Coffee maker set for one

v60 kit pour coffee dripper and coffee mug set

This v60 kit pour coffee is enough for making coffee for yourself everyday. We highly recommend it for beginners who are starting to brew coffee for the first time. There are these items in the set, a V60 ceramic coffee dripper 02size and ceramic coffee mug. We use high quality ceramic material to make this coffee set. And use premium gift box to pack them, inside the gift box is thick foam padding. So this is also a good gifting option.

V60 kit pour coffee

pour-over set v60 kit ceramic dripper ceramic mug

This pour-over set v60 kit is easy to operate. There is a dripper features a large central opening so your coffee drips directly into your mug as it brews. Yes, you can even watch the dripping throught the space between the dripper and mug. If the water flow is too fast, you can adjust the grinding size of coffee powder. The coffee grind should be finer.

Pour-over set v60 kit

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