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manual grinder set

Manual grinder or electric grinder? Maybe you deserve both!

One of the great questions every home coffee brewer must ask: should you get a Manual grinder or electric grinder?

Before we help you make a decision, I’d like to ask you some questions.

Do you want an extremely convenient grinder?
Do you want a grinder that can achieve a super-fine espresso grind?
And you don’t want something that doesn’t make a lot of noise?
How much are you interested in investing?

If you prefer to exprience grind beans manually, then you can consider Manual Coffee Grinders.

Manual coffee grinders are middle to high performers that produce uniform sized grounds (which is essential to balance and delicious coffee). They can do this consistently for all grind sizes, from French press to espresso. Because DHPO grinder comes with grind size settings for micro-adjustments.

You’ll quickly notice that manual coffee grinders can be quite small. Most can be held with one hand, and cranked with the other. If portability for travel brewing is high on your list of values, this is a huge win for manual grinders.

coffee manual grinder

About Electric Coffee Grinders, yes, it is higher cost than manual grinder.

However, with designed and built well, electric grinders can be powerhouses that get the job done quickly. Sturdy gears move the burrs, grinding the coffee at the press of a button.

High-end electric grinders sometimes come with 40+ grind setting options that range from French press to espresso. Having so many settings opens up the possibility for micro-adjustments to “dial in” your coffee grind size.

Sadly, most electric grinders generate a lot of noise, and some are downright maddening. However, try this DHPO new design electric grinder, the noise is very low, it is worth buying.

Electric coffee grinder

Manual grinder or electric grinder? Maybe you deserve both!

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