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manual grinder factory

What benefits you could get from manual coffee grinder factory?

A manual coffee grinder is the must-have tool for real coffee lovers. So what benefits you could get from manual coffee grinder factory?

It is true that an electric grinder can also achieve the purpose of grinding coffee beans. But the noise is too loud, which affects other people’s rest in the morning. Besides, the machine always lacks the warmth and fun of manual work.

Get freshly ground coffee by manual grinder for your favourite coffee brewing method. Such as drip filter, moka pot, French press, slow coffee…

So, you’re in the market for a manual burr grinder? Great choice! The right pick can produce a more consistent grind than budget electric grinders and have you sipping on the perfect cup of coffee.

Below, manual coffee grinder factory will show you DHPO manual grinders! Let the the best manual coffee grinder will change your coffee game! And selling good manual grinders will definitely help you make more money!


Hand grinders are perfect for the discerning traveler and economical home enthusiast. Though the convenience of an electric motor is lost, hand grinders generally offer superior grind quality and greater longevity than their electric counterparts. From turkish to espresso to pour over and cold brew, there’s a hand grinder for just about everyone. Therefore, DHPO launches this new manual grinder and we believe it will become a very popular product.


manual grinder factory

This best manual coffee grinder can achieve the goal that produce consistent uniform particle size of coffee powder with the high-precision CNC cutting high hardness stainless steel blade. The amount of fine powder produced is also minimized.The stainless steel blade is suitable for any kind of coffee beans, regardless of the degree of roasting. The blade won’t add heat to damage the coffee beans, so the coffee powder can present the most original unspoiled flavor.

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