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coffee manual grinder

Is a manual coffee bean grinder better than an electric grinder?

Imagine that when you wake up early in the morning, and you want to make yourself a cup of coffee. But  the noise of the electric grinder is anoyying, how can you enjoy a quiet time? Therefore, we recommend that you use a manual coffee bean grinder. In the era of information explosion and rush, more and more people are seeking to enjoy a quiet time every day.

The manual coffee bean grinder operates quietly

Manual coffee bean grinder is quieter than electric grinders because they do not run at high speeds to grind. No matter what kind of electric grinder you use, the loud operating noise may wake up sleeping roommates.  Especially when there are sleeping babies or children in the house, you definitely don’t want the grinder’s noice to wake them up. In the same time, as the manual grinder do not run at high speeds to grind. It will not generate heat during grinding, so the flavor of the ground powder is better.

manual coffee bean grinder

The manual coffee bean grinder does not need electricity to operate.

Obviously the manual grinder does not need electricity. If you make coffee at home or in the kitchen, maybe you can also use an electric grinder. But for those who like to camp and travel and don’t have electrical outlets, this is a great advantage. If you travel a lot, there are several hand grinders that are suitable for travel. You can easily enjoy freshly ground coffee on the road or in the wild to enhance your taste in life.

manual coffee bean grinder

The hand grinders can adjust the scale when grinding, so you can better control the thickness of the ground coffee.

So whether you are looking for more control over the grinding of coffee powder or enjoying a quiet grinding experience, you can consider buying this manual grinder from DHPO. It is made of high quality stainless steel material and with adjustable grinding selector, it is your good companion for making hand-made coffee.

manual coffee bean grinder

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