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How to choose a good coffee pour over kettle?

Since we know how important a good coffee pour over kettle for your coffee brewing, so some tips for choose a good coffee pour over kettle here!

Firstly, water flow rate. The flow rate of most pour over water kettles is fairly steady. This is a basie function for kettle with gooseneck kettle. But please pay attention to the spouts of gooseneck kettle.

Some goosenecks are designed slightly differently and have larger spouts, these may be slightly harder to control the flow rate. On the other end of the spout spectrum, some pour over kettles have extremely narrow spouts, this may actually result in a slower than required flow rate.

Capacity of good pour over kettle. Most pour over kettles have a fairly standard capacity of around 1 litre. Some do however creep down to 0.6 litres. Most of DHPO pour over coffee and french press coffee makers are 600ml, so this kettle is enough for most of coffeewares.

Material of pour over kettle. The material of your gooseneck kettle is usually stainless steel although there are the occasional plastic electric kettles. The quality and density of the stainless steel is something to look out for. You will find a lot of the cheaper pour over kettles with thinner stainless steel. So, when you carry the kettle, you could tell the quality by heavy.

Pour over coffee is one of the best ways to enjoy high quality coffee. The bright and clean brew that a correctly extracted pour over creates highlights the complex and subtle flavour notes in speciality coffee the most. And pour over kettle is one of the important part of coffee brewing processes.

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