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Hourglass porcelain french press

Hard to make coffee? Try Hourglass porcelain french press

Do you really know anything about the Hourglass porcelain french press? It is called a simple coffee appliance, but few people can use it correctly.

According to experts from Jamaica (CIB Coffee Industry Council), Blue Mountain coffee is ideal for French press. And they recommend the use of French press, it is easy to operate and can produce high quality coffee. We know a cup of rich, clean coffee will bright your day, but how do you make a great cup of coffee with a press?

ceramic coffee french press

Here is a guide to making a proper French press, the tips will greatly improve your French press coffee brewing technique!

1. Coffee boiling parameters powder water ratio 1:15

An imbalance in the powder/water ratio can have a significant impact on the taste of your coffee. So, make sure you use enough ground coffee to keep the powder/water ratio balanced.

2. Water temperature 94℃

The requirements of the French press are not strict but the selection of extraction parameters is very important, using a thermometer to measure the 92-94℃ hot water.

3. Use a scale to measure the ground coffee and water

Don’t just rely on your eyes. Only by having a precise scale can you ensure that the coffee is prepared at the right ratio and that the value of the coffee bean is displayed. The scale helps you remember the parameters you need. And if your coffee isn’t that great, you can adjust the parameters for the next treat.

4.The grinder is very important

Buy a burr grinder to grind coffee granules more suitable for Hourglass porcelain french press brewing, and grind coffee granules more consistent.

small hand brew coffee grinder

5. Reheat the pot before boiling

Use a hot water kettle before making coffee, otherwise the temperature change in the hot water poured into the French pressure will cause abnormal extraction.

6. Cooking time :4:27

The French press needs to be stuffy, remember not to pour the hot water at the beginning, use about 20% water, in a circular way, stuffy steam at least 30 seconds. It reminds me,DHPO has a very creative Hourglass porcelain french press. We add a hourglass that can time four minutes on the handle of the press, which will save our timing and improve the convenience.

7. Don’t stir the coffee before it’s over!

When stirred, the coffee ground falls out of the suspension and the extraction rate is greatly slowed; Unstirred coffee extract, coffee powder in suspension better, will extract more flavor.

Generally speaking, the taste and use method of the audience determine the choice of appliance. A good appliance can bring different flavor. Ceramic material is better than glass, which has better insulation effect.

French press for coffee

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