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The market is in need of high quality French presses

In the past, maybe there was a bigger market for cheap products, and it seemed like almost everything was made of cheap and unattractive plastic. Not only does this generally mean that such products are more brittle, but it also generally means that they don’t look appealing. But now, the market has begun to awaken, the market is in need of high quality French presses. What’s more, users have begun to have higher pursuits. They hope that they can use more creative and high-quality products to improve their quality of life and coffee.

A French press is often a centerpiece of home made coffee. This product has a long history and a wide audience. On top of making delicious, flavorful coffee, they have a homey look that ties a tabletop together in the morning.

If you’re looking for something better than plastic for your French press business, you’ve come to the right place. So that we’ll be discussing the high quality French presses at DHPO!

NO.1  Ceramic French press 2022 new design for wholesale

If I had to use one word to describe this french press 2022 new, it would have to be AMAZING: Its material is durable, thick ceramic, with matte effect for appearance. Use a stainless steel plunger with extra fine mesh, and a comfortable, shap like the number 7 handle. The lid is wooden, snug for easy, secure pouring, and the thick walls of the carafe keep coffee fairly hot — and it makes a fantastic brew (it does let some silt through, but not much).

high quality French presses

NO.2  Ceramic coffee press maker daily coffee maker

A minimalist twist on the classic cafetiere, the Ceramic coffee press maker is simple and simply elegant. It features a stylish design with a cylindrical body, an angular handle, and a matte effect finish to look fantastic in any kitchen. The thick wall build ensures that coffee stays hot and fresh for longer. Made from ceramic, this coffee maker comes with a fine steel mesh filter. So make sure no coffee grounds in your coffee mug.

high quality French presses

NO.3  Private label french press ceramic coffee pot

This Private label french press brews a premium cup of Coffee in just 4 minutes. Simply add course ground Coffee grinded by coffee grinder. Pour boiling water and close the lid. Wait for 3 minutes, and press the Plunger to stop further extraction. Then wait! A premium cup of coffee is ready. Features a modern, stylish design with high-quality, high-fired ceramic. The handle is made of heat-resistant wooden, provides a firm and reliable grip. Fitted lid offers a clean and an even pour. There is an hourglass timer inside the handle to calculate time. Let’s call it SMART FRENCH PRESS!

high quality French presses

NO.4    Best french press made of ceramic coffee maker

High quality materials. This Best french press coffee maker comes with high-fired ceramic, which can withstand high emperature. Have you pay attention to the thickness of ceramic? It is much thicker than other brands’ french presser. Therefore, this coffee maker is made to outlast other coffee makers! The spout allows coffee to flow smoothly, without dripping onto your table. Matt effect finishing makes this french presser looks very elegent and easy to clean, no marks, not stains.

high quality French presses

NO.5  French press coffee make ceramic pot

Marbling french press. This colorful French cookware line has garnered a cult following these years. Marbling is a magical ceramic firing effect. You will not know what it will look like until the baking is completed. Is it very attractive? It also means that what you have is unique French press coffee make.

Ceramic french press

NO. 6  French press travel portable coffee maker

Design for travelling. For anyone who loves to drink fresh-pressed coffee early in the morning while watching a sunrise, this is the perfect french press for you. Who doesn’t enjoy staying up late near a campfire or a camper somewhere, and then waking up early to begin a fresh day; while enjoying a fresh-press, or fresh pot of coffee. This sounds like a perfect way to start the day somewhere deep in the wilderness. We’d like to recommend this french press travel to coffee lovers.


Hope you like all these high quality French presses at DHPO, click here, so you could find more DHPO coffeewares!

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