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high-end electric grinder

Why a high-end electric grinder is worth the investment?

There are a lot of complains on the market about electric grinders.

Low Performance
Poorly Built
When grinding beans, the bean tank will be slightly hot and the powder near the bottom is easy to agglomerate.

Yes, that’s true. But those are Low-End Grinders. Low-End Electric grinders are like a toy and simply cannot meet the needs of grinding coffee beans.

But there is a big market potential for high-end electric grinder, the biggest advantage of the electric bean grinder is that it saves time and effort.

Compared with the hand-cranked bean grinder, which takes a few minutes, the electric bean grinder only takes tens of seconds. In addition, the high-end electric grinder grinds the coffee powder more uniformly, so that the extracted taste will be better.

High-end electric grinders sometimes come with 40+ grind setting options that range from French press to espresso. Having so many settings opens up the possibility for micro-adjustments to “dial in” your coffee grind size. This is how specialty coffee shops refine their espresso throughout the day to keep it top notch.

We know that quite a few electric grinders make noise, which can be maddening. So this new electric grinder from DHPO has been upgraded for this noise problem. At the same time, in the process of grinding beans, the temperature inside the grinder is also effectively controlled. There is no high temperature affect the quality of coffee powder, so that could guarante the flavor of coffee.

If there is an electric coffee bean grinder, it is small in size, makes little noise when grinding beans, and does not generate excessive heat during the grinding process, which affects the taste of coffee. Will it become popular by the market and customers?

The answer is, yes! DHPO’s latest high-end electric grinder is all about delivering a low-noise, low-temperature grinding experience. After testing the grinder, a customer in the UK was very happy with the quality and place a trial order.

This high-end electric grinder is worth the investment! Customers who are interested in high-end electric grinders are warmly welcomed to contact DHPO sales department for more details and discounts!

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