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DHPO really knows how to make a good French press

There are many French presses on the market, so where are they all made from? The answer is that most French presses come from factories in China. So, all factories know how to make a good French press? The answer is, NO.

Some French presses with materials that are not environmentally friendly. So in long-term use, substances that are harmful to the human body will be released. But from the picture, you can’t see the problem. Therefore, it is important for you to choose a missionary Frencn press factory.

At DHPO, our good French press has a 2 meshes filter system with 2 stainless steel screens, spring loaded base, and a lid strainer, all of which keep grounds out. From inside to outisde material, they are food safety standard and LEAD FREE. We use ceramic and glass materials for French press. As we all know, ceramic is one of the best material because it could withstand high temeputer, does not release odors or harmful substances. Besides, high quality borosilicate glass we use for our french coffee press is able to withstand boiling water without warping or cracking.

At DHPO, we take your experience with our products seriously. That’s why we pledge to replace Ffrench press in 365 days should anything ever go wrong.

good French press

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