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Gifts for coffee lovers

Gifts for coffee lovers? You shouldn’t miss DHPO coffee wares

Making a cup of coffee is deeply personal. From the beans to the brewing method, every devoted coffee drinker has quirks and preferences to make the daily ritual their own. That’s why, when it comes to buying gifts for coffee lovers, it helps to gather some intel, first. Whether their perfect hot coffee or cold coffee, pour over coffee or french press coffee, they could find right coffee wares according to their brewing method in DHPO.

Hot coffee is the first choice in winter. What’s happier than holding a cup of hot coffee in the cold winter? I think is make hot coffee by yourself and ejoy the process! Maybe you don’t how to choose from pour over coffee and french press coffee? Let’s talk about them both one by one.

Pour over coffee is a classic brewing method that’s becoming increasingly popular. This simple and elegant way of brewing fresh coffee is slightly different than an immersion brewing method. Because it is constantly saturating the coffee grounds with new, fresh water. It’s also known as drip coffee or filter coffee, the pour over brewing method is an infusion method that extracts the flavors yet leaves many of the natural oils in the filter. This method also prevents the coffee grinds from becoming over-saturated with water. There are 2 kinds of pour over coffee wares on the market are most popular. One is glass material and another one is ceramic material.

For glass material pour over, you could choose CHEMEX – simple, easy to use with timeless, elegant design. All CHEMEX Coffeemakers comes with highest quality, non-porous Borosilicate glass which will not absorb odors or chemical residues.

glass pour over

For ceramic material pour over, you could choose DHPO- luxury, minimalist and personalized. This pour-over coffee kit features with professional grade ceramic with wooden lid and sleeve. This ceramic coffee maker doesn’t absorb odors or flavors from anything else. There is no compromise on flavor, every brew is as pure as the last.

Pour-over coffee kit

French press coffee maker is a popular brewing method because it’s an easy and affordable way to make delicious fresh coffee in the comfort of your own home. French press machine steeps coffee grounds in hot water, then separates the grounds out to leave only the coffee liquid. The hot water is poured into a cylindrical glass carafe holding the coffee grounds. The grounds are left to steep, and then the plunger with a stainless steel filter is pushed to the bottom of the carafe to press the grounds. Many people now use glass French pressure pots. For example, BODUM has many classic glass French pressure pots. But more and more people choose to use ceramic French pressure pots because the ceramic material French press could keep warm for longer time.

glass french press

Ceramic french press

I hope this article can help you choose favorite gifts for coffee lovers. No matter which one you prefer, they will bring you a wonderful coffee experience.

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