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Ceramic french press

What Large Capacity French press makes coffee lovers love?

Who drinks coffee every day? More than 65%  of American adults did.

More people get coffee from coffee shop or make coffee by themselves with large capacity French press? Answer is 79% of Americans prepare coffee at home. It surprises you, right? Because we noticed more and more coffee shops popping up on our way to work, but still, make coffee at home is becoming a trend and it will be more and more popular.

stainless steel french press

Why? Because making coffee by ourselves is always more flavorful and interesting than the first cup of coffee in a coffee shop. Moreover, it is more cost effective!

So a question for you. Do you  want to make coffee with your own hand in a large capacity French press in ten minutes? Or go get your first cup of coffee at the coffee shop?

Well, if your concern is time, I think that’s because you haven’t try a convenient device for making coffee! According to a survey conducted by the pour-over coffee lovers association, the Smart cup, the French press, and the Chemex are definitely three useful hand brewed coffee  appliances for your home. The French press can be the first choice for those who pursue coffee taste and time efficiency. Because you don’t need great brewing skills to have a consistent coffee in minutes.

DHPO 1000ml large capacity French press will meet your basic needs for coffee.

1000ml is undoubtedly a sufficient capacity and can also meet the needs of 3-4 people to share.

Acacia wooden lid natural and eco-friendly, U-shaped spout, U shape spout ensure smooth pouring.Double walled 304 stainless steel insulation, more insulation than glass material,French filter 304 stainless steel food grade, can be safely heated brewing to meet your food safety needs.

The most interesting thing about the whole design of this pot is the 4 minute hourglass timer (convenient,viewable and funny). And it reduces the action of using smart devices for timing .improves our control and utilization of time, thus improving our convenience. Besides, wooden handle is durable and anti-burning.

Stainless steel french press

Many people can’t imagine starting their day without a cup of coffee in the morning. DHPO knows what coffee lovers thinking, so we have prepared not only french press but also pour over, moka pot and other coffee makers.  And we will continue to bring more useful coffeewares to the market, just look forward to it.

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