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Find the best coffeewares from DHPO coffee gear supplier

If you opened this article, congratulations on finding a reliable and innovative coffee wares supplier! Welcome to DHPO shop! DHPO coffee gear supplier only sell the best quality coffee ware products.

For example, in April, DHPO coffee gear supplier launched new design– Glass Pour-over Coffee Maker.

What features of this new Coffee Maker?

Better Stainless steel coffee dripper with No need for Paper Filter. Our coffee pour over brewing system extracts the best flavors from your beans and is 100% paperless, environmental and healthy. The reusable stainless steel mesh filter cone yields clean, sediment-free coffee,does not absorb any essence of coffee or oils, keep the coffee natural taste.

galss coffee brewer

Eagle Mouth Kettle for Precise Pour. This elegant pour over coffee carafe is designed in fashional shape, the shape is exquisite and compact, easy to carry, Meet the ergonomics design, and the coffee liquid is smooth, which is not easy to leak. Easy to use and clean.

glass coffee maker

Keep Hands Safe from Heat. The drip coffee pour over adopt high borosilicate which can withstand the temperature change from -20°C-150°C, meanwhile does not produce any chemical impurity into your manual coffee. Safety is important when hand brewing coffee. The pour over coffee maker set comes with double layer glass so that is is heat resistant grip while protecting your hands and fingers from unwanted burns.

If you’d like to know more about DHPO coffeewares, so welcome to contact DHPO sales team!


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