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Looking for some pure coffee enjoyment?

Coffee paper filters can help you to achieve the perfect brew, straight from your home.

To accompany the ‘pour-over method’ or simply fit straight into your coffee machine, paper filters are highly popular with those that want a balanced taste experience. Also, they want to avoid a brew with too much oil.

Paper coffee filters are the best solution to capture unwanted particles in the brewing process. Allowing only the delicious coffee bean infused water to flavour perfectly.


A paper filter can be used in many coffee machines on the market, and are simply placed in the filter section of the machine.

Measuring out your coffee grounds or beans is one of the most important steps when wanting to brew a barista-quality coffee.

The best way to measure out your coffee is to follow the instructions on the coffee packaging; these may be different depending on the brand. You can measure your coffee out with a tablespoon or with scales. Once you have measured out your coffee ground or beans, place them inside the filter in your machine.

Permanent Coffee Filters
The main benefit of using a permanent filter in your coffee maker is to reap the long-term savings. Though a package of paper filters at $5 or less may seem to be the most economical, a permanent filter at around $15 or so will quickly pay for itself within the first few weeks, depending on how much coffee you make. You could consider a stainless steel filter if you don’t want to use paper filter.

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