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electric grinder

Electric coffee espresso grinder, the best coffee grinder for You

You click the title and read this article is because you are looking for the best burr grinder, right? That tells me you understand how important grinding your coffee beans is when trying to brew an amazing cup of coffee. DHPO sees the same. So we developed the best Electric coffee espresso grinder for you.

space aluminum electric grinder

Why you should trust DHPO and our coffeewares?

DHPO stems from DH Ceramic with its establishment in 2001. PO is short for “POT”. which stands for our product concept–we focus on the designing and developing pots and their peripheral products.

With practical design concept of “profession and truthful aesthetics”. We are devoting to encouraging people to embrace slow living and enjoy every moment while they are brewing.

Our founder“BODHI”sets consciousness and wisdom as the eternal pursuit of brand development. DHPO strives to become the paragon in the industry of fine hand brew coffee wares. DHPO cherishes benevolence and love, creating fine products.

Back to the product Electric coffee espresso grinder.

Pls see pictures below and you will see we have used high-grade materials for this grinder and carefully designed the grinder.

For main material, it is space alyminum. We use wulnut wood for bottom. And for the top part, it is magenetic space alyminum and wood combined lid. And with one button operation, so it’s very convenient to handle and user-friendly.

new electric coffee grinder


For the most important part, the conical burr. It is E&B All-Round Conical Burr cut more sharply and grind more quickly. High precision CNC processed SUS420 material performance comparable to the firstline electric grinders.


30g electric grinder


Thoughtful design. This grinder comes with External adjustment scale which is more convenient. 60 grind settings in a circle
adaptable to different brewing ways including pour over coffee, french press coffee, espresso and so on.


7 aixs conical burr grinder


This Electric espresso coffee grinder is a symbol of quality. Therefore, this advanced electric grinder definitely has huge sales potential. So if you are looking to introduce such a new product to your market, please contact DHPO Sales or just send message to our WhatsApp 008613794383172.

2022 new design grinder


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