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This durable handmade ceramic dripper&mug retains heat well, ensuring constant temperature and superior extraction from the beginning to the end of the brewing cycle. Its cone shape also accentuates coffees with complex floral and fruit flavors.


Ah, pour over coffee: with just a little skill and know-how, you can achieve a cup of joy that tastes beyond amazing.

This pour over dripper&mug coffee set comes with high quality ceramic material.

A ceramic V60 dripper
A ceramic coffee mug

No matter at home or in office, this is your good coffee companion.

Manual brewers have become commonplace all over the coffee world, so where do you start if you want to get brewing on your own?
There will always be a place in our kitchens for the classic dripper&mug coffee maker, the best way to get a truly superior, barista-style cup, is through a single-serve pour-over coffee maker. It’s favored by pros and coffee experts, because this super precise, small-scale method allows you to get every ounce of flavor out of those freshly roasted beans.

Stainless Steel Pour-Over Coffee Dripper


The coffee world is far from lacking when it comes to great pour-over drippers. If you’d rather avoid using disposable paper cone filters, though — whether for the sake of the environment, financial reasons, or because filters strip the coffee of flavorful oils — the stainless steel dripper is a fine alternative.


The cone’s filter consists of tiny laser-cut holes. This extra fine mesh allows for pretty fine grounds without letting much sediment pass through to your cup, and it’s easy to wash (by hand or in the dishwasher) when you’re done brewing.

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