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good coffee bean grinder

DHPO Taiji coffee grinder is getting good feedbacks from coffee enthusiasts

The DHPO Taiji coffee grinder is getting good feedbacks from coffee enthusiasts since this thing first released into the market, have come in droves to acquire one of these. Whether you are something enjoys drip coffee, cold brew, French press, or even espresso, the DHPO Taiji Coffee Grinder can do it all!

If you are someone that cares about aesthetics, then this is the absolutely best hand coffee grinder money can buy. The appreance of it is unique and amazing. So, what about people that care about quality and performance? Similar to it’s design and aesthetics, the quality of Taiji Coffee Grinder does not disappoint.

It can hold 30 grams of ground coffee. It comes with conical burr grinder, which as you already know, we always recommend a burr grinder when grinding whole bean coffee. With such a high end burr grinder, you no longer will experience uneven particles in your grind size which will convert to a better overall tasting cup of coffee.

It is an all black folding grinder. If you are new to hand grinders, then you’ll soon find out that the grip is one of the most underreacted features. With the Taiji coffee grinder, you never have to worry about that again as it features an exceptional grip design— the narrow part of grinder body.

It features 36 clicks in adjustment which will give you adequate grind sizes from fine espresso all the way to coarse French press or cold brew. Additionally, this device is user friendly, lab tested, and easy to clean.

If you’re going to invest in the best coffee beans, you’ll need the best manual grinder to make that perfect cup of coffee. So, sit back and find more good coffee gears at DHPO besides this Taiji Coffee Grinder.

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