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Make High-end Coffeewares & Teawares

DHPO helps wholesalers, brand owners and gift companies customized coffeewares and teawares

DHPO’s full range of products are made of various mixed materials including ceramics, glass, stainless steel, and wood, and are carefully crafted by artisans. We are confident to be one of your best qualitycoffeeware & teaware suppliers. We are committed to being a model in the industry and committed to providing the perfect coffee culture experience.



DHPO stems from Guangzhou Donghan Ceramic Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2001, Donghan Ceramic has been dedicating to ceramic related businesses, with heavy focus on quality porcelain ware design and production, as either OEM or ODM service provider.

In order to make good use of this blessed resource and in the heart of altruism, we established the brand DHPO in 2016.

DH stands for “Drink A Health”; PO means “POT”and it represents our product concept focus on designing and developing pot and it’s peripheral products. DHPO hopes to facilitate people’s lives and help users develop healthy drinking habits through our products. With the heart of altruism, we will try our best to provide the quality products and services for tea & coffee companies, distributors and consumers all over the world.

DHPO core advantages

A company with 20 years manufacturing experience in ODM & OEM customization, cooperated with with famous brands such as Disney, Starbucks, Tim-Hortons, etc. So you could trust DHPO can make high quality products.

The full range of DHPO products are well crafted by artisans, so the design is unique and popular.

Provide DIY personalization turnkey solutions, so customized service is available.

Own 100 PLUS patent designs DHPO has registered in multiple regions, so you don’t need to worry about homogeneous competition.

365 days replacement worry-free after-sales service, so it is worry free purchase.

Luxury, minimalist and personalized brand tone is in line with current trends, so it’s a coffee ware brand with great market potential.

A paragon of the traditional hand-made specialty coffee ware industry, dedicated to providing perfect coffee brewing experience. So DHPO is a company with vision.


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What company type are we?



DHPO strive to foster a culture of innovation, efficiency, and respect. We want to create ceramics or porcelain products, services and experiences that exceed the customer’s expectations, whilst at the same time trying to find ways to improve the business outcomes.

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The value of DHPO



With the establishment of a globalized multinational production and service network system, our value to customers has changed from initially providing products to providing technology and services, and will further increase to providing overall solutions, and innovation has also changed from technological innovation to value innovation. From “production-oriented manufacturing” to “service-oriented manufacturing” has become a new trend of our development.

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Doing business with us

We believe in innovative and functional ceramic product designs, we also believe in diversity in our suppliers, but more importantly we believe in ethical and environmentally friendly business practices. We are constantly trying to think of ways to help our customers to achieve profitable business outcomes to cooperate with us, but at the same time we are also thinking of ways to protect the environment through more sustainable business practices.

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What can we do for you

Our team of professional designers can help you or your company, design any porcelain products to your specifications.

We have extensive in turning digital designs into actual products. Our prototyping services are available for porcelain products.

We can help you to manufacture the satisfied products and provide you the fast delivery service.

We have extensive experiences in logistics management, from shipping, documentation to custom clearance.

Culture Philosophy

DHPO creates one after another products with the love for coffee. Dripper, Pour over, French press, Kettle, Grinder…… DHPO grow up with products step by step.

DHPO creates AORORA XS&XT pour over coffee makers to help coffee lovers easy to use coffee makers. DHPO creates GORGEOUS to help users use a “professional+aesthetics” french press coffee maker. DHPO creates products with the combinition of ceramic and wood to help coffee lovers enjoy oriental design during coffee extraction…… DHPO creates around 10 new products every year, to be a standards for coffee industry.


An original product is a long and arduous process from design to research and development. A product may need to integrate more than ten suppliers and dozens of different processing techniques. There may be many difficulties in the process, so the result is not ideal all the time. Every process detail may be scrutinized and overturned. Even they may not be perfect, but we will try our best to be responsible for each product, for each customer, and strive to be close to perfection.



What type of trade service we can offer?

OEM Service

DHPO offers the high quality OEM services and manufactures the ceramic products according to client’s design or original samples.

ODM Service

DHPO offers cost and quality competitive ODM services, we can design and manufacture ceramic products to your specification and budget requirement.

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