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DHPO Pour-Over

Buy Chemex Pour-Over or DHPO Pour-Over?

Here is a quick question, buy Chemex Pour-Over or DHPO Pour-Over? So, let’s see more details of both.

Chemex is classic design which has earned its priority position in the coffee brewer lineup. Featuring an iconic hourglass shape, this pourover coffee brewer gives you full control over the coffee brewing process. Chemex filters are specially designed to absorb all excess oils which result in a clean coffee extraction with heightened aromatics. Chemex Pour-Over comes with Borosilicate glass, clear and you could see coffee brewing process. However, for glass material, in terms of heat dissipation, the function is not as good as that of ceramics, and the thermal insulation effect is not so good.


DHPO Pour-Over is a new brand in recent 5 years. Their classic products are porcelain Pour-over and French press. This pour-over coffee kit features with professional grade ceramic with wooden lid and sleeve. This ceramic coffee maker doesn’t absorb odors or flavors from anything else. There is no compromise on flavor, every brew is as pure as the last. Exquisite handmade Pour-over drip coffee maker feels good and more natural, all the edges are smooth and well made, elegant matt porcelain presents each dripper outstanding and distinctive in appearance, lifetime promise never fade. And ceramic material could keep the coffee warm for longer time after you do preheating.

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These two pour over coffee makers are both good, you could choose anyone according to your needs.

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