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DHPO porcelain French presses

What advantages of DHPO porcelain French presses?

There is nothing better than a hot cup of coffee in the morning. And while drip coffee is nice and easy it can’t hold a candle to classic French press. Sure the process is a bit more involved, but the resulting coffee is (at least in my mind) much better, and also more environmentally friendly as French presses have a built in filter and only use the beans that put in them. That’s why we recommend you seize the opportunity, whether it’s a wholesaler, retailer, or gift seller, the French Press is a great selling item. By selling DHPO porcelain French presses, you could earn more money and enlarge your market share as well. What advantages of DHPO porcelain French presses?

DHPO French Press Coffee Maker is a handsome addition to your home coffee bar, creating robust coffee in stylish form. Capacity: 600ML, suitable for making 450ml coffee.

This portable coffee maker features double mesh filter captures sediment and allows more of the delicious essential oils of your beans to diffuse through your drink. This results in a smooth, full-bodied taste that is more caffeinated and full of healthy antioxidants.

More color options. Different from the monotonous colors on the market, we have 6 different colors for customers to choose!

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