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manual grinders for wholesale

DHPO makes the best conical burr manual grinders for wholesale

There is one big problem with specialty coffee? Because the beans have to be ground and then brewed, can’t be enjoyed right away like wine, beer, tea? No, that’s exactly the joy of specialty coffee. If it’s just for a sip of coffee, instant coffee will suffice. But now more consumers want to experience and enjoy the process of pouring coffee. Therefore, manual grinders for wholesale and pour-over coffee appliances are becoming more and more popular.

In recent years, the solution for specialty coffee has been the burr grinder, a generally inexpensive device that allows brewers to fully grind coffee beans using arm power. These mysterious objects line the shelves of trendy coffee bars and feature prominently on roaster websites.

There are many different brands of manual grinders on the market, is it dazzling to choose? So you need to think carefully, what do you value more when choosing a supplier of manual grinders?
Quality of products? shape? Do you provide customized services? How much is the MOQ required? quality assurance? After-sale service?

With all these questions, let’s talk about the DHPO folding handle manual grinders for wholesale.

Design-wise, it’s a very subtle design that catches the eye. The combination of metal and leather sleeve, soft and hard, not only provides a comfortable grip, but also makes the design layered.

Duable and efficient burr. This Hand Coffee Portable coffee grinder fixed with dual bearing design, the stainless steel conical burr coffee grinder makes the grinding process more detailed and the coffee powder more uniform. The ergonomically designed handle provides a easy and smooth grind. 6 aixs conical burr provide evenly grinding experience, so it is labour saving design.

Please contact DHPO if you are also planning to add this manual grinders for wholesale to your sales industry. ODM service available. MOQ is low and we also provide 365 days goods exchange service. You don’t need to worry about any quality issue.

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