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DHPO French presses are designed for who want great coffee!

In the fast-paced era, people often go to coffee shops to buy coffee. To be honest, spending in coffee shops is not cheap at all in a year! If you are a fan of specialty single-origin coffee, you can make your own coffee at home or in the office. What? Are you worried it will take a lot of time? And buy a lot of coffee equipments? Then you shouldn’t miss DHPO French presses! Because they are designed for who want a great cup of coffee!

DHPO French presses

DHPO French presses is for people who want a great cup of coffee, but who don’t necessarily want to surrender lots of time, space, or money for a complicated coffee setup.

This method is one of the least expensive ways to start making good coffee. Because it doesn’t even require you to buy paper filters, and its small footprint is great for tiny kitchens. Though pour-over might be a similarly space-saving setup, a French press is much more convenient, since it doesn’t require you to stand there and slowly drizzle hot water over your coffee grounds at timed intervals. With a press, you can also make more servings of coffee at once than with most pour-over methods. The French press method is also fast; once your water has reached the temperature you’d like and you’ve measured out your coffee, the whole brewing process takes roughly four minutes.

Therefore, French press products have great market potential. In particular, high-quality French press products have become more popular among consumers in recent years. Because people’s consumption concepts are also changing. High-end products are more in line with people’s pursuit of exquisite life. In recent years, many niche brands of coffee merchants have also begun to sell coffee appliances, and they do not have a large team to conduct specialized product design and development. Therefore, it is very good to cooperate with DHPO to use our product design and customize their brand LOGO.
If you have plans in this regard, please contact DHPO, we are currently recruiting agents

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