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What to expect from DHPO French Press Factory?

What to expect from DHPO French Press Factory?

A good French press product with unique design, good quality and good design concept.

The french press is a full immersion brewing device with a metal mesh filter. This guarantees one thing in particular, a viscous brew with a fuller body and increased texture due to more oils remaining in the final brew and also fewer coffee particles. French presses made by DHPO are equipped with stainless steel plunger with double filtration system. This can filter the coffee powder more effectively, while allowing the coffee grease to pass through the filter, making the brewed coffee more mellow.

In addition to this very important filtration system, French presses developed by DHPO French Press Factory are available in different materials and sizes.

Stainless steel French press coffee maker

This model has a drip-free spout, a comfortable handle, and a hourglass timer for calculate brew time. The capacity is 1000ml, it is a large size that suitable for share coffee with friends or family. The double walls stainless steel material keeps the coffee warm for longer time. We will recommend this model unless you’re looking for a large capacity option.

French Press Stainless Steel

DHPO Porcelain French Press

The matte finish is non-porous, stain-free, and crack-resistant, making it well-equipped to handle your everyday needs. It incorporates a stainless steel plunger with a mesh press which is dishwasher-safe materials to make clean-up significantly easier. It is on the smaller side with a capacity of 600ml, about enough to make four cups of coffee.

Ceramic coffee press french

450ML small French press

This 450ML small French press is new design from DHPO coffeeware manufacturer.This 450ML small French press simply the best little brewer for your morning cup of coffee. Easy brewing, exceptional filtration, quick clean-up, and sleek design. All combine to give you everything you want in your french press; Perfect to make fresh coffee, tea, espresso, or cold brew.

Mini french press

French press coffee brewer

This DHPO French press coffee brewer comes with professional grade 304 18/10 thick stainless-steel frame. Inside is borosilicate glass which reduces noise generated by traditional metal presses. Noble and elegant appearance, carefully selected high-quality materials, Just in order to bring you the best coffee experience. The glass pot is half covered by the stainless steel frame, so it is very safe. And you can watch the coffee brewing process, so it adds more fun of making coffee.

Stainless glass French press

The benefits of French presses from DHPO French Press Factory:

No need to use electricity or alcohol lamps;
No filter paper, saving money and environmental protection;
Small size and easy to store;

We are one of the best composite material french press suppliers and manufacturers in China, taking Europe and North America as main market. Our french press is mainly competitive in quality materials, good performance and long durability. Please be free to wholesale our quality products.


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