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coffee bean manual grinder factory

DHPO Canton tower grinder is the next grinder you are looking for

Who said that you can’t have high quality and affordable prices in the same time?If you want to get a steel burr hand grinder with a high-quality design and build at the entry level price tag, DHPO Canton tower grinder is your right option. You don’t have to tolerate ceramic burr anymore, but you can spend a little more money to enjoy the grinding experience of stainless steel burr, faster and more labor-saving.

The DHPO Canton tower grinder is definitely a very affordable option compared with some of those high-end hand grinders, such as the Timemore, Comandante or the KINU, and many other more premium coffee grinders range from around $200 and up. DHPO Canton tower grinder can perfectly meet your needs when it comes to everyday home brewing methods.

What’s the advantages for this grinder?
Adjustable grinding selector. Wide range of grind settings, covering all your favorite coffee makers. No matter coarser coffee powder for french press coffee or finer coffee powder for pour over coffee.
Large capacity: 30G, suitable for brew coffee for 2-4 people.
High-quality Burr: 38mm stainless steel burr.
Dual Bearings: Ensure the smoother grinding experience and stability.
Impressive consistency: Definitely above the average at this price range.
Great portability: Compact and lightweight design. The foldable handle make sure no need to take up large space. Easy for you to carry it anywhere.

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