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DHPO brewed coffee ware

DHPO brewed coffee ware, brewing excellence coffee

Call it Pour over coffee or call it filter coffee. By any name, brewed, filtered coffee is by far the most popular preparation method throughout the U.S. and Northern Europe, alive with aroma and rich taste. The method’s origins can be traced to early 20th-century Germany and the advent of paper filters. And nowadays, it is still very popular. Therefore, this type of DHPO brewed coffee ware has a very large market space.

DHPO develop a lot of pour over coffee wares, including ceramic, metal and glass material. Therefore, for customers who want to purchase this type of product, there is a lot of choice.

Pour over coffee dripper coffee brewer

This Pour over coffee dripper crafted in a ‘v’ shape on a 60 degree angle to give the optimum water flow through your coffee for maximum flavor and minimal sediment in the cup. This handmade ceramic will look beautiful in any home! As for this coffee maker set, there is a 600ml server, its material is ceramic as well. We put a 304 stainless steel tea infuser inside the pot. So it is a coffee serving pot and a teapot depends on your needs.

Pour over coffee dripper

V60 dripper pour-over coffee maker set

The pour over brewing process only takes few minutes to make coffee. It just takes a little practice (and probably a few sub-par cups of coffee) before you’ll get it just right. You must heat the water, add the filter and grounds and pour water consistently for several minutes. For pour over fanatics, the technique becomes a ritual.

V60 dripper pour-over coffee

V60 dripper pour-over coffee pot with ceramic and wooden lid

This 550ml Pour Over coffee maker is the key to making richer, bolder coffee from the comfort of your home. Its design-led aesthetic is a stylish addition to any kitchen. But it’s the resulting full-bodied, smooth tasting coffee with a robust aroma that will win your heart.

V60 dripper pour-over coffee pot

Grind is critical. Choose medium, because coffee ground too coarsely will taste weak in the cup. If it’s ground too finely, you can expect a bitter brew. So when you have a mamual or electric grinder which features grinding selector, then you could enjoy French press, pour over or espresso coffee easily!

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