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Conical burr coffee grinders supplier

Conical burr coffee grinders supplier–DHPO

Specialty coffee is not like wine, beer, or tea, it can be enjoyed immediately. Due to the fact that coffee beans need to be ground to brew, not cork, turn off, open bottle or put tea in tea cup to enjoy. However, coffee beans need the function of grinding. So the grinder is one of the essential coffeewares in the life of specialty coffee lovers. It is precisely because the grinder is so important that. As a professional Conical burr coffee grinders supplier, DHPO has invested a lot of manpower and material resources to develop new coffee grinders with a burr grinder. Because it will significantly improve your coffee’s quality. Since burrs grind with pressure rather than through chopping the beans, they result in fewer tiny fragments, or fines, than a blade grinder. Therefore, all grinders from DHPO are design with stainless steel conical burr.

Since DHPO already developed good design high quality conical burr grinder, you could just contact DHPO and add your logo on good product, then you could sell them with good price. DHPO helps you enlarge market sharing and increase margin!

What features of grinder from Conical burr coffee grinders supplier–DHPO?

The foldable handheld coffee grinder fits comfortably in the hand and thanks to its innovative design, you could operate the drive head easily and comfortably.

coffee grinders        hand grinder

Benefit from the innovative design of this handheld coffee grinder to ensure stability during grinding.

Conical burr coffee grinders supplier

Save up to 35% in grinding time compared to traditional manual coffee machines.

Conical burr coffee grinders supplier

Various grinding values can be adjusted to obtain coffee powders of different thicknesses. Therefore, this grinder is compatible with the production of various types of coffee.

Conical burr coffee grinders supplier


Conical burr coffee grinders supplier DHPO coffeeware factory offer personalized customized full solution! Welcome to contact us and get more information! Besides this manual coffee grinders, DHPO also has new design electric grinders!

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