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cold brew coffee makercold brew coffee makers

Cold brew coffee makers make healthier coffee?

Coffee is really popular. In the United States, nearly 62% of people drink coffee every day.
The most popular coffee must be cold brew coffee! This new coffee, which is highly praised by industry experts and become the mainstream of the market. According to statistics, in the past year, the sales of cold brew coffee has skyrocketed by 115%. And there is no tendency to stop at all.

Statistics show that more than 66% of young consumers say fell in love with cold brew coffee.

Some cold brew coffee lovers said that cold brew coffee tastes better and has better health benefits than regular coffee. Is this real? Let’s compare them from two aspects first.
For those friends who need of coffee refreshing or are ready to have a drink before exercise, should they drink regular or cold brew coffee? The brewing ratio of cold brew coffee is 1:6, while the ratio of ordinary drip coffee is 1:20. That is to say, the caffeine content of cold brew coffee is even better!
Because cold brew coffee does not require heating, the bitterness of cold brew coffee is usually softer, and the sourness usually requires high temperature to extract. Therefore, cold brew coffee has lower acidity, and the overall taste is silky and more balanced.
I think I probably know why cold brew coffee has become popular, not only because it has more benefits, but also because it is very simple to make. Choosing the correct coffee maker is also very important.

Use this cold brew coffee makers of DHPO can help shorten the time . As we know that the process of ordinary cold brew coffee extraction takes 12-24 hours, but this cold brew coffee makers can greatly shorten the time because it features with adjustable valve control dripping speed precisely.

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