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How to select the right coffee presses French press?

Maybe some people are not familiar with coffee presses, so the following article will explain different materials, extraction methods, capacities and mesh density of coffee presses one by one, so that you can understand this unique product . This will help you to choose the right French press for you.

1. There are 3 materials coffee presses on the market. Stainless steel, glass and ceramic. Their advantages and disadvantages are also obvious.

Stainless steel French press. Sturdy, not afraid of falling, suitable for outdoor use. But it’s hard to avoid a slightly metallic taste that gets mixed into the coffee when brewing.

Glass French press. We all know glass is easy to break, but still, it is popular. One of the reason is glass allows people enjoying the leisurely enjoyment of boiling water transforming into coffee while brewing, a glass French press makes the process even more enjoyable. Of course, lower price is another reason.

Ceramic French press. Ceramic is the most suitable material for brewing coffee, it does not produce odors that affect the taste of coffee. It is high temperature resistant, and can keep warm for longer time with preheating. And ceramic always gives an elegant feeling, it is a good decoration for your kitchen.

2. The method of extraction is actually how the coffee presses French press works.

Most of the products on the market work in the same way, just put the coffee grounds into the filter press, pour hot water and press the filter piston, and you can extract delicious coffee. In addition to coffee, you could also use this type of filter press to brew tea. But since the plunger might absorb the taste of tea and coffee, it is better to use different filter presses when brewing coffee and tea. The flavors don’t get mixed up.

3. Select capacity according to the minimum number of cups when drinking coffee at a time.

Coffee presses are available in a variety of capacities, which can be selected according to the usual conditions of use. For example, 350ml is about 1-2 cups of coffee, and 500ml is about 3-4 cups. Although the large-capacity filter press can brew more coffee at one time. However, because of its large size, it takes a lot of force to press the piston, and it is easy to cool down if you didn’t finish coffee in time. Therefore, it is better to select a suitable capacity for the minimum number of cups when drinking coffee at a time.

4. Enjoy different tastes with a low-density filter.

The density of the piston filter of the filter press will affect the taste of the coffee. The lower density piston filter can retain the oil of the coffee itself, making it smoother and thicker to drink; the higher density piston filter will filter out some grease. As well as impurities, the brewed coffee is relatively transparent and not cloudy, which can highlight the taste of the coffee itself.

5. In addition to the density of the filter screen, the tightness between the piston and the cup body is also very important. If the product uses a rubber piston pad, the tightness between it and the cup body will be better. But since the rubber will deteriorate and absorb the smell, you need to replace it after a period of use. If you use a metal piston, it is not only convenient and easy to clean but also has high durability. However, there will be a gap between the cup and the cup, which makes it easier for fine coffee powder to be mixed in, resulting in poor taste.

According to your personal needs, you can basically choose your favorite French press by referring to these points! At DHPO, you can find coffee presses of different materials and capacities, with appearances ranging from bright colors to minimalist styles, you can choose according to personal preference.

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