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coffee manual grinder

Why choosing a good coffee manual grinder is so important?

Do you know why choosing a good coffee manual grinder is so important? After the coffee is ground into powder, each coffee powder can be regarded as an independent individual. And each coffee powder contacts the water surface to extract. The larger the size of the coffee powder, the longer time it takes to extract, and the smaller the size of the coffee powder, the shorter time it takes to extract. We could also call the size of the coffee powder as the thickness of the coffee grind.

The better the coffee machine grinds the thickness approximately, and the shape and size are almost the same. In this way, the progress of each coffee powder in the whole extraction process is the same can be ensure.

We highly recommend this conical burr coffee  manual grinder. It comes with 6 aixs S136 stainless stell conical burr, it is very sharp and durable. It can cut coffee beans easily and efficiently. Different sizes and depths of blades successively cut and grind coffee beans in different levels. It can well improve the uniformity of the powder, and reduce the generation of fine powder. The cutting and grinding process will not produce high temperature, and can maintain the original aroma and taste of the coffee beans.

The coffee powder that comes out is granular, and the inside is not easy to extract quickly.

When we brew this kind of coffee powder, it has a layered taste, and the crushing method reduces the collision between the coffee beans, the fineness rate is lower, and it is generally more suitable for making hand brew coffee.

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