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ceramic coffee dripperceramic dripper manufacturer

why choose DHPO ceramic dripper manufacturer?

The V60 coffee dripper is one of the most classic coffee brewing equipment. Conical shaped with inner spiral ribs, the V60 dripper is the dripper to go for to achieve a simple and delicious cup that can enhance the complexity of a coffee. There are a lot of different brands of dripper on the market, why choose DHPO ceramic dripper manufacturer?

Before talk about DHPO advantages, watch our video tutorial on how easy it is and how good quality it is!


You can see that our product quality is first-class, unique matte finish makes DHPO drippers elegent and easy to clean. In addition to guaranteeing high-quality products, we also provide considerate service.

1. Small batch purchase, fast delivery. Because our products are all in stock, so you don’t need to wait 45-60 days for production.
2. Customization service is available. So DHPO could add your logo on well design and quality products.
3. More competitive price for agents of DHPO and enjoy priority sale, so they could sell new products first.

4. DHPO provides marketing materials including high pixel pictures, posters, manual and videos. Therefore, customers don’t need to spend extra money for these.

If you are looking for a good coffeeware product for wholesale or retail, DHPO ceramic dripper manufacturer is one of your best potential supplier!


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