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Ceramic coffee v60 dripper set

Ceramic coffee v60 dripper set picked by UAE coffee lovers

Bearing the Development of Human Civilization with Artifacts — Ceramic coffee v60 dripper set with iron stand

Does anyone know where to find a pour over coffee dripper in Dubai? This is one of a top search question in search engines, so you could understand pour over coffee dripping is one of the most popular coffeewares in UAE. Do you want to know in DHPO product lines, which coffeeware is the one picked by Customers from UAE? The Ceramic coffee v60 dripper set with iron stand is the one who won!

Let’s take a look at the details of this popular Ceramic coffee dripper set , maybe you will understand why so many coffee lovers fall in love with it.

This modern and fashionable Ceramic coffee dripper set comes with high quality materials. It comes with a high-fired ceramic V60 coffee dripper, a wooden based, an iron stand and a coffee mug. Just you, a cup, a filter, and a funnel, without any machines to get in the way. By pouring a slow, steady stream of hot water over coffee grounds, you can extract a full-flavored but delicate cup of coffee with more nuance and subtlety than you’d get with a drip machine or French press.

With this iron stand, the whole process is transparent, so it can make the whole process more plesant. And this special design can perfectly fit any corner of home. The liner ribs of V60 cone shape can regulate water flow for ideal coffee extraction. For the durable ceramic body, it can retain the heat longer and make better taste of coffee. There is a glass option as well. So if you are a great fan for both ceramic and glass, this Ceramic coffee dripper set should in your wishlist too!

Besides ceramic dripper set, we also prepared french press, moka pot, pour over coffee maker and other coffee wares for coffee lovers. Pls view our store for more unique design. Besides, DHPO also offer customized service. Use our unique design product and put your logo on it, then you could have a good product for sale.

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