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ceramic coffee french press

Ceramic coffee french press and coffee beans makes great gift

It is easier for people to choose gifts for their families, because we all understand family preferences. But when you need to give a present to a colleague who is not too familiar with her preferences, it’s not easy. A well-roasted bag of coffee beans and an easy to brew and super consistentis ceramic coffee french press is the perfect gift for that coworker you like but don’t know well enough to really shop for. And it’s also an incredibly practical gift for anyone who starts their morning off with a dose of caffeine.

Christmas gift


Wrapped in a cheery, peppermint-esque gift box, Stumptown’s set of three beans is a celebration of two classics––the Ethiopia Suke Quto and the Guatemala Finca El Injerto Bourbon––plus the roaster’s holiday Evergreen blend, this blend is a proper holiday brew gift. Match it with a ceramic coffee french press is a wonderful gift.

French Press With Timer


Stumptown Blend

In the morning, take out this coffee bean gift box, wash clean the french press. Start to brew a cup of coffee in an easy way.

Firstly, warm up your empty French Press by rinsing it with very hot water. This helps maintain the temperature while brewing for best extraction.

Secondly, measure out 30g of coffee bean and grind it as coarse as white sugar. Although buying coffee powder directly can save you a bit of grinding time, but fresh coffee bean makes good taste coffee, you won’t regret to own a coffee grinder.

Thirdly, start your count-up timer as soon as you add hot water. Fill it up halfway to the top saturating all the grounds, making sure that there are no dry spots. After around 60 seconds, use a wooden spoon to break the top layer and give it a good stir. And then fill it all the way to the top with water. Put the top on and allow the coffee to brew without pressing it down.

Forthly, you will find a magic design on the handle. Yes, it is hourglass timer for 4 minutes. When the sand in the hourglass runs out from top to bottom, you know time is up, you are ready to press. Firmly push the press all the way down.

Finally, pour coffee into a carafe immediately to avoid over extraction. If the coffee sits on the grounds too long, it continues to extract and will become bitter.

black french press

If you think the same way that well-roasted bag of coffee beans and an easy to brew and super consistentis ceramic coffee french press is the perfect gift, get more information from our sales, leave us message.


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