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DHPO makes the best conical burr manual grinders for wholesale

There is one big problem with specialty coffee? Because the beans have to be ground and then brewed, can’t be enjoyed right away like wine, beer, tea? No, that’s exactly the joy of specialty coffee. If it’s just for a […]

Conical burr coffee grinders supplier–DHPO

Specialty coffee is not like wine, beer, or tea, it can be enjoyed immediately. Due to the fact that coffee beans need to be ground to brew, not cork, turn off, open bottle or put tea in tea cup to […]

40% off discount for DHPO wholesale pour over coffee maker

Good news! Now we have 40% off discount for DHPO wholesale pour over coffee maker! So now it’s good time to purchase! Nice design. DHPO wholesale pour over coffee maker is a great brewing device for anyone who prefers bright […]

2022 cost-effective coffee grinders from DHPO coffee gear factory

If you’re very particular with your coffee and you have your personally chosen coffee beans, then having a coffee machine or coffee grinder at home is definitely worth it. Luckily for you, we’re going over the very cost-effective coffee grinders […]

2022 NEW DESIGN DHPO Electric Coffee Grinder

Freshly-ground coffee is a must for any coffee lover. Therefore, for rich aroma and delicious flavor, the DHPO Electric Coffee Grinder delivers perfect results with a process that couldn’t be easier. Simply add whole beans, secure the lid, and press […]

What’s special about DHPO French Press coffee pot?

A French Press coffee pot is a ceramic, stainless steel glass or plastic cylindrical beaker, housed in a metal or plastic frame, and topped by a metal or plastic lid. Running through the centre of this lid is a rod […]

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Advantages of DHPO

A company with 20 years manufacturing experience in ODM & OEM customization, cooperated with with famous brands such as Disney, Starbucks, Tim-Hortons, etc. So you could trust DHPO can make high quality products.

The full range of DHPO products are well crafted by artisans, so the design is unique and popular.

Provide DIY personalization turnkey solutions, so customized service is available.

Own 100 PLUS patent designs DHPO has registered in multiple regions, so you don’t need to worry about homogeneous competition.

365 days replacement worry-free after-sales service, so it is worry free purchase.

Luxury, minimalist and personalized brand tone is in line with current trends, so it’s a coffee ware brand with great market potential.

A paragon of the traditional hand-made specialty coffee ware industry, dedicated to providing perfect coffee brewing experience. So DHPO is a company with vision.


See how we can provide your premium coffee wares and solutions on-time and on-budget