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The iconic coffee kit suitcase from DHPO are made for coffee lovers – perfect for making hand brew coffee. The coffee kit suitcases are available in several different combinations, so you can be sure to find one that suits you.


The Basics:  What And Why

Coffee travel kits are the best way to enjoy your coffee on the go, and as long as you have access to hot water you’ll have no need to find a power source to make your delicious brew.

If you want to avoid stale truck-stop coffee and overpriced espresso, coffee travel kits are your best option.

And if you enjoy getting back to nature without leaving all of your creature comforts behind, this AURORA XS is exactly what you need.


What’s Included In A Coffee Travel Kit?

Coffee travel kits include some, or all, of the following:

2*230ml ceramic coffee cups

1*304 stainless steel spoon

1*paper filter(one bag of 50pcs)

1*30g coffee manual grinder

1*ceramic V60 coffee dripper

1*coffee scale with timer

1*600ml stainless steel kettle

1*600ml server with woodle lid


You can assemble your own kit from scratch, but in our experience we’ve found that buying a purpose made travel kit is the best option. Why? Not only is everything you need included, but the various components are all thoughtfully designed to work together and come neatly packaged in their own purpose-built carry bag or case. Perfect for saving space on your travels!