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Borosilicate Glass Pour Over Set

2022 DHPO New Design Borosilicate Glass Pour Over Set

This Borosilicate Glass Pour Over Set is a product that brings considerable profits and market prospects for DHPO agents, wholesalers. why would we say so? Because once launched, it is favored by users. Because of its superior design and high quality materials. If you are looking for quality coffee wares for sale, please contact DHPO.

Let’s see what features of this Borosilicate Glass Pour Over Set.

SET INCLUDES: 550ml Borosilicate Glass Carafe and a Fine Mesh Stainless Steel Filter

Brew the best coffee with the Borosilicate Glass Pour Over Set. Easily brew up to 500ml and serve your favorite coffee directly from one container.

Just follow simple steps as below.

1) Simply add coffee grounds to filter
2) Pour hot water over coffee,
3) Allow coffee to brew to desired strength
4) Serve and enjoy.

SUPERIOR FILTRATION. Enjoy coffee without the sediment thanks to the fine mesh filter, made of stainless steel.

EASY TO CLEAN. The Borosilicate Glass Set is easy to clean. The filter is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning between uses.

The double layer glass design makes it comfortable to serve your coffee without burning your hand. The pour spout allows you to make clean pours without extra drips.

SAVE MONEY- Enjoy the craft coffee experience from the convenience of your home at a fraction of the price!

MODERN DESIGN- The sleek, mixed material design with glass and polished stainless steel accent will look great in any kitchen.

In addition to this new model, we also have many best-selling coffee wares, please click here to enter the coffee wares catalog page. And feel free to send inquiry!

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